Guarantee that your nia pieces stay in great shape for as long as possible with these care tips:




We recommend washing at a low temperature (maximum 30ºC) whenever possible, to save energy and maximize garment care. Washing at a higher temperature may cause minimal shrinkage (3-5%), but this will not affect the overall fit.

Wash with garments of similar materials and colors, avoiding those with zippers, buttons and other elements that can snag or cause abrasions to the fabric.

Spinning can cause cotton fibers to suffer and end up losing their softness and properties, so avoid it if you can. In any case, choose a slow spin cycle.

Minimize dry cleaning, it is an aggressive chemical process. Better for both the environment and your pocket.

How to wash more sustainably? Swap traditional detergent for soap nuts, which act just like conventional soap, are hypoallergenic and biodegradable.



Fabric softener

We manufacture with the highest quality raw materials, so they don’t need extra softness. If what you are looking for is a more perfumed finish, you can use citric acid as a softener: it does not damage the fabrics and makes it easier to smooth out creases.




You should ideally air dry whilst avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. Spread the items out and turn them inside out before hanging them up.

In cases where you need to machine dry, do so on a low setting.




Sometimes selecting the steam setting on your washing machine is enough to get most of the creases out of your bedding.

Whenever you can, avoid ironing.

Do not overfill the washing machine. That way you guarantee a more efficient wash and with less creasing. Once the wash cycle has finished, remove the contents as soon as possible.

And if you want to achieve a hotel finish, iron on a medium setting.