Antonio y Natalia, co-fundadores de nia

A bed, a cat and many dreams

We are Natalia and Antonio, two adventurers from Malaga, who live in Barcelona.

Like two naturally curious people with restless minds, we decided to undertake business together, a project that reflects our calm and conscious lifestyle.

Our idea was clear from the start: a high quality, environmentally friendly product, ethical production and beautiful pieces! This is how we started our end of day sessions. Endless conversations in bed after switching off the lights.  The desire to start our own business was constantly on our minds.Did you know that a human being spends on average a third of his life sleeping?

Think of naps in our grandparents' country house, the joy of the cool touch of the pillow on warm nights, or that hotel bed. After a long day of exploring, it is the best place in the world.

We had it. Rooms to feel at home and create unique spaces to rest and escape. So we decided to join our creativity and our experience as a graphic designer and engineer.

And our cat! Our exceptional witness in this adventure. His name is Fuego and he is in charge of quality control. He knows everything about comfort and home.